A Two Bedroom Apartment in Wichita

I was born and raised in WInfield, Kansas. I had the ideal upbringing, and I feel very blessed for that. I went to college in Pittsburgh, but as soon as I graduated I came back home. I was able to find a great job in Wichita, but I knew that I was not going to want to commute every day. It was a little over 40 miles each way, but it took about an hour each way considering traffic. I did that for a couple of weeks, then I looked for two bedroom apartments for Wichita KS.

I knew that I needed a two bedroom apartment even though it just me. It was not so I could have a guest room for people visiting, because I knew that would not happen. My folks would stop in when they come to the city, but they would return home the same day. Any other family coming from a distance would just stay with my parents, and I knew that none of my college friends would come out for a visit, because we were just not close enough to have a relationship beyond social media.

I needed the second bedroom so I could have my craft room slash office slash library. I am an avid reader, and I love to do crafts. I also knew I would be bringing a lot of work home from the office. I wanted a room to keep all the stuff I needed, plus I wanted to keep my work area separate from my living room. I was able to find a really nice two bedroom unit at an incredible price at Twin Lakes. It truly is incredible because of all the amenities that are included. I felt for sure that it would be out of my price range because of that, but here I am, and I love it!