Chiropractic Help Gave Me the Ability to Land a Scholarship

My dad played basketball in high school and college. He talks about it so often that I know most all of his memorable stories about his best games by heart. He is the one who taught me to play the game, and he has always had high hopes for me playing in school, too. I made it to my senior year and suddenly started feeling a lot of pain after games. I worried that playing for a university would be dashed, but dad told me that he would take me to see a chiropractor in Philadelphia to see if that would do anything for me. He told me that he had been to one many times when he was much younger and had good luck with that. Getting recruited to play after graduation was my dream, so I certainly hoped I could reach my goal.

Dad had a hoop installed next to our driveway when I was a little kid. He had first taught me how to dribble a ball, and when he saw how obsessed I was with practicing, he took me to a nearby park to actually teach me how to play the game. After that, I begged him to take me all the time. I was not yet old enough to go by myself, and he was happy to go with me. Over the years, as I grew older, taller and stronger, I was able to go play with all the other boys in the neighborhood. We played every chance we got. When I was old enough, I tried out for the team at school and made it.

The chiropractor helped me with feeling pain-free rather quickly. I played some of my best games after that. I had no trouble at all with being recruited to play at the university located in our town. I even received a basketball scholarship so that I could attend for free. I plan to be a businessman one day, but for now, I’m happy with what I’m doing in school now.