I Need a Cuppa That!

So, the biggest change since my recent move to the “Big City” is I pass a coffee shop every morning!! Oh, the smells coming from that place hit me as soon as I walk out of the building. I have never really been a coffee person, but this little bistro on the corner has made a coffee lover of me. But I turned to CuppaBean when I needed to find an affordable means to my coffee fix.

This country girl grew up to the smell of strong Folgers coffee every morning. Maybe that’s what turned me off coffee intially.

But now that I have found a passion for all things coffee, I’m afraid I am broke! My weekly paycheck isn’t cutting it for daily coffees at the bistro, if you know what I mean!

So, I decided I should just buy a coffee maker and save some money. ” How hard can it be, right???” OMG!

So, first, the local department store had so many different types of coffee makers. I didn’t even know how to use any of them. And boy, were they expensive. So, home I went to do some more research. And boy was there a lot to read! Expresso machine, pod machines, cappacino machines, single serve, so many OPTIONS! HELP!!!

That’s when I stumbled onto a website called Cuppa Bean. They’ve taken all the work out for you. Not only do they have reviews of all the different types of coffee machines, it’s easy and fun to read. And under each review is the link to purchase it. It’s so easy! In no time, I ordered my first machine and I am so excited for it to get here. With the helpful reviews, I didn’t worry that I would be wasting my money. I knew exactly what to expect.

Check back in a few days for images of me, on my porch, sipping my homemade expresso!