Looking for Some on Base Housing

I have been in the U.S Army for a couple of years now, but up until now I have been living in the barracks. There was not any need for me to have a house when it was only me. Now I have a wife, who is also in the service and so we are going to get a house on the base. We are based at Joint Base San Antonio, so now I have been looking at choosetexaspower.org because it turns out that you get to pick your own power provider if you live here in Texas. It is something that I did not know anything about until I started to look into this matter. It is something that seems a bit strange to both of us. I am from a state where you have one company with a monopoly over the sale and distribution of electricity. At least it is that way in any single place where you could live. I believe there are really two companies in North Carolina, but nearly every person can only get electricity from Duke Energy.

In fact I have no real idea how you decide which power company you want. The rates are a bit different it would seem, but I would not think that is going to be the most important reason you would take one company over another. You would obviously want a power company that is on all of the time, which it is not going to be. So in lieu of that you would want to have one which was going to do the most to keep the power on and then get it back on after there was some sort of problem. Obviously there shall be natural disasters, they happen no matter where you are. The thing is how you respond to them.