Moving to the Home of Our Dreams in Denver

We had a goal of building a company to the point we could sell it for enough money to retire. I had no idea that we would be able to do that more than once in our lifetime. My wife and I worked to develop ideas that could be formed into a profitable company. We wanted good jobs for people in a business model that could be sustained for the long term. Then we planned to sell. Instead, we built two businesses and kept them. We finally got to the point we could contact a realtor in Denver about an upscale property. That has always been part of our goal.

Originally, we wanted to form a profitable company, sell it for a lot of money and retire. When we figured out that we needed to maintain ownership in order to protect the employees, customers and the businesses from major changes we did not agree with, we decided to keep them. It is also why we never went public with our two companies. No keeping investors happy. And all through it we stayed in the same place raising our kids and trying to get to the point we could get that home with the big pool, lots of room and in Colorado close to where we like to go skiing every year.

We have always liked Denver, and we have wanted to move here since the kids were little. They want to move too. They have friends in Denver, they like the area and they are nuts about skiing like we are. We just needed to get that place that had the room we wanted and the pool. I guess that was one of those things that was a goal marker for us. I never had an office at home either. I mean, I used the kitchen table in one place, and I had converted a storage room in another, but this time I wanted a real office with its own bathroom. Is that a perk of being the CEO of two companies? Sure it is, and why not? We worked hard to get where we are at.