Our Bed is a Popular Sleeping Spot

My wife and I looked at the Sleep Matters site before deciding what our next bed would be. The first bed we got together was one of those beds that can raise up and down. We saw it on a commercial many years ago, and while there are some times when being able to raise or lower a bed can be convenient, the bed itself was just alright. We wanted something a little softer and didn’t mind if it didn’t have motors to control it. After some thinking, the bed we decided on was a memory foam bed. We liked the idea of having the bed form around the shape of our bodies.

The bed we chose also has a cooling feature due to gel inside of it. We generally sleep with the room in a cool temperature because we feel that it sometimes gets a little too hot while we’re sleeping, especially in the summer months when the humidity is high. Sometimes I wish we lived in an area where it was cool most of the year. I would love to not have to go outside and deal with the hot sun while trying to mow the lawn or do any kind of work.

When my wife and I sleep now, we very comfortable. The bed is so comfortable that sometimes we get visitors. The dog tries to climb into the bed occasionally, even though he has his own bed. When it’s time to wake up in the morning, the dog will sometimes lick our faces before the alarm clock rings. Our three year old daughter will sometimes have nightmares and want to crawl into bed with us. If the rest of the neighborhood knew that we got a new bed, they would probably want to climb in with us too.