Our Neighborhood Went Downhill, So We Moved to a Luxury Apartment in Scottsdale, Arizona

I asked my wife if she wanted to move. We had a very frustrating time with new neighbors. We thought when we bought our house years ago that the neighborhood would stay stable. However, a few of the older seniors had passed on, and their families sold the houses to landlords. Two neighbors had lost their homes due to being unable to pay their mortgages, and they were sold for less than market value to more landlords. When some obnoxious teens were terrorizing our neighborhood, we decided to start looking for new apartments for Scottsdale a few miles away. We got tired of seeing police cars at homes on our street and reading of problems in the newspaper.

Our home was nice, and we both had a decent income as writers. We worked from home, so we pretty much saw everything morning, noon and night. That is really saying something as we are the least nosy neighbors on the street! However, it is tough to not peek out the window when you hear foul language being screamed or a siren approaching. We thought we would have a hard time selling our home for market value, but it sold quickly. I even told the new buyers why we wanted to move.

We are much happier at The Stetson. We had not lived in an apartment for years, but this was really nice. The interior was roomy, and we had very tall ceilings. The walk-in closets had our home beat by a big margin. We still had garage parking, and now the pool was going to be maintained by someone else. That, and no lawn to take care of. We planted a few plants on the private balcony off from the master bedroom, and that satisfied our green thumbs. Our new neighbors were likely to remain higher quality, if I can say that, because this is a luxury apartment complex. No more sirens or foul language being screamed at two in the morning.