We Held out Until the Best Executive Condo Project in Singapore Was Ready to Be Built

We have been holding out for the last five years on making an investment in an executive condo because none of the projects had everything we wanted in a new place to live. Of course we want the standard things you get with a new EC project in Singapore. We want a steam spa and a huge 50 meter swimming pool. We want private alcoves where you can have a bit of isolation in a public space. The www.parclife.net executive condo project has all that and a whole lot more. This is the first time we actually put a pen to paper and filled out an application for a three bedroom condo.

We are ready to make a purchase if our application for purchasing a condo at Signature Yishun is approved. We have seen the plans for the jogging and nostalgia trails. We like the idea of a garden pavilion, and we definitely want a nice gymnasium for our workout routines we do every morning before work. We are excited to see the project completed so that we can move in, and we have not even heard back about our application yet.

We have been wanting to move into a new executive condominium for some time now, but we have been holding out for the best place. I was impressed that the condo will have gas hobs. So many modern places just offer all electric. I much prefer gas for cooking as I am one of those amateur gourmet chefs. The cooking process is so much more controllable to make a great end result when you have a gas hob to cook on. My wife and I are both excited and constantly checking to see if our application for an executive condo has been approved yet. We are ready to move right now!